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Thanks for playing at ICA Sportzworx Stepney.

Please have a read of the Welcome information document as well as the
following information.

Thank you for registering your team, we appreciate your commitment
and your support. 
Welcome to our New Teams, thanks for joining the season.

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A few things you may want to know

  • All game fees are paid on the day of your game. The team organiser's credit card is debited at 8am on game day

  • If for some reason the payment fails, 1 person must pay on behalf of the team prior to the game starting, we will update the team statement with the payment and the person's name

Loyalty Program

  • sign up and receive 100 points when you sign up for the loyalty points program.

  • You get to earn points when you spend in the bar or kiosk and then spend your freebie $$.

  • Plus there will be promotions for you to earn extra points.

  • We only need your name, mobile and email with your first purchase.

  • Then 'quote' your name or mobile when you purchase next time at the bar or kiosk and earn even more points.

  • We will not use your personal details for anything but the loyalty program.

The Bar

  • A great place to "rehydrate" after your game (and yes there are soft drinks and water available)

  • Unwind, relax, order a pizza and have it in the bar with your team mates

  • You can purchase alcohol at the kiosk and sit upstairs, sit courtside or sit in the kiosk if the bar is closed.

  • There is also a kids corner (unsupervised) with games, colouring in and DVDs

Photos & Videos

  • Please let us know if you have any issues with photos and videos of your team being used on social media 

  • Some games during the season will be recorded and highlights will be added to YouTube.


If you have any questions, please contact us

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need your Spawtz password reset, please contact us:

Facebook:         message us 

SMS:                  0413 366 680

Phone:               8362 8808


Contact form:   click here

contact us
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