Thanks for playing at ICA Sportzworx Stepney.

For all teams who have registered, you have access to the welcome document here

A few important procedures and reminders for all cricket, netball & soccer teams:

  • Thank you for registering your team, we really do appreciate your commitment and your support.

  • Welcome to our New Teams too, thanks for joining the season

  • Your Arrival

    • please use the auto sanitser in the foyer​ entrance

    • if your court is available, please proceed to that area

    • if your court is unavailable, you can wait in the foyer, bar or court-side

    • if you need to pay for anything the kiosk is open as usual

    • bar is also open Monday & Wednesday (open all week during the Grand Finals)

  • After your game

    • there are a few options now that our restrictions have been eased

    • you can exit from the roller door closest to your court

    • you may exit from the front door if it is not busy with people arriving. If this is the case, we ask you to wait patiently for the front door area to be cleared or exit via the roller doors

    • the bar is open, have a wind down drink

    • if the bar is not open, you may purchase alcohol from the kiosk and sit upstairs

  • Other Procedures (these are permanent changes)

    • We are cashless​ - eftpos and online payments are accepted only

    • All game fees are paid on the day of your game. The team organiser's credit card is debited at 8am on game day

    • If for some reason the payment fails, 1 person must pay on behalf of the team prior to the game starting, we will update the team statement with the payment and the person's name

    • Loyalty Program - sign up and receive 100 points when you sign up for the loyalty points program. You get to earn points when you spend in the bar or kiosk and then spend your freebie $$. Plus there will be promotions for you to earn extra points. We only need your name, mobile and email with your first purchase. Then 'quote' your name or mobile when you purchase next time at the bar or kiosk and earn even more points. We will not use your personal details for anything but the loyalty program.

    • Drink bottles cannot be refilled. Please go to the COVID-19 page to view other procedures

  • The Bar

    • A great place to "rehydrate" after your game (and yes there are soft drinks and water available)

    • Unwind, relax, order a pizza and have it in the bar with your team mates

    • Remember you can purchase alcohol at the kiosk and sit upstairs, sit courtside or sit in the kiosk if the bar is closed.

  • Photos & Videos

    • Please let us know if you have any issues with photos and videos of your team being used on social media 

    • We are proud of our teams and the activities we provide your help with promoting is greatly appreciated.


  • Bibs are available for netball and soccer teams

  • Please pick them up from the kiosk prior to your game

  • Baskets will be available at the front of the kiosk for you to return the bibs

  • We highly recommend that bibs are not passed onto another player (please collect another bib)

  • Bibs are washed after every use

  • You can purchase your own set of bibs from the kiosk if you like 
    (soccer bibs need to be pre-ordered)

  • You are playing a contact sport, please keep contact to a minimum


  • There will be NO borrowing of equipment i.e. boxes and batting gloves. These are available to purchase from the kiosk.

  • Your team will receive 6 pairs of cotton gloves at your first game for FREE. These are yours to keep. Please remember to bring them each week to your game. If you forget or they are lost, you can purchase a pair for $3 from the kiosk.

  • You are playing a non-contact sport, please refrain from contact unless it is accidental​​


If you have any questions, please contact us


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