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Court hire is available during the week and on weekends. Saturday evenings are also available. Availability is restricted at night time due to our indoor social games  that commence 6pm, Monday to Friday and at 5pm on Sundays.

The courts are great for:

  • a hit of cricket or a lunch time soccer game

  • clubs trials and training sessions

  • winter when your ovals are too muddy

  • during summer we are fully air-conditioned

  • regular training sessions or coaching

  • a group of friends/kids for a game or two

The costs:

  • $42.00 per hour/per court

  • $34.00 for an umpire per game

  • all costs include GST


Our facilities include:

  • 4 full sized courts - the Adelaide, WACA, SCG and MCG

  • kiosk/sit down area

  • court side and upstairs viewing

  • upstairs bar

  • change rooms and showers

  • game equipment and scoreboards

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court  hire charges are paid online when you make your booking. any other costs i.e. umpires will be payable on arrival.

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