At ICA Sportzworx Stepney we have 3 social sport seasons over 1 year.

The Indoor Sports Arena is located at Stepney and has 4 full sized courts.


The social indoor games start from 6pm are are on Monday to Friday as well as on Sundays from 5pm.

What is on ...

Indoor Netball - Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Indoor Cricket - Monday & Wednesday

Indoor Soccer - Thursday & Sunday


Each season includes semi finals and grand finals and Grand final week is the 1st week of the next season.

Games are not played on public holidays and we are closed for 2 weeks over the Christmas/New Year Break.

As well as the social seasons we have the following leagues that run for 8 weeks during school terms:

Junior Netball - Saturday mornings Term 4 & Term 1

Junior Cricket - Saturday mornings Term 2 & Term 3

Junior Soccer - Saturday mornings Term 4 & Term 1

Daytime Netball - Tuesday & Thursday

Daytime Soccer - Tuesday & Thursday

You can register your interest for the above at anytime. Dates may change based on level of interest for other days.

Season dates, pricing and other information are detailed below.

Social Competition Season dates:
Season 2/22

Starts : Mon 28 February

S Final: Mon 20 June

G Final : Mon 27 June

Season 3/22

Starts : Mon 27 June

S Final: Mon 17 October

G Final : Mon 24 October

Season 1/23

Starts : Mon 24 October

S Final: Mon 20 February

G Final : Mon 27 February

Season 2/23

Starts : Mon 27 February

S Final: Mon 19 June

G Final : Mon 26 June

Junior Sport Season Dates:
Term 1/22

Junior Netball & Soccer


Starts : Sat 12 February

Finals:  Sat 9 April

Term 2/22

Junior Cricket


Starts : Sat 14 May

Finals:  Sat 2 July

Term 3/22

Junior Cricket


Starts : Sat 6 August

Finals:  Sat 24 September

Term 4/22

Junior Netball & Soccer


Starts : Sat 22 October

Finals:  Sat 10 December

Please read the below information that relates to your current season


The Team Game Fee (incl GST):

Netball               $84.00 per game

Soccer               $60.00 per game

Cricket               $90.00 per game


Daytime Netball & Soccer as per above game fees


Team Registration fees (incl GST) is $25 per season / per team


Junior Term Fees (incl GST):

Per Game          $10.00 per player/each game (payable upfront $80 for the full term)

Registration      $6.00 per term/per player

All teams need to register online for each season and the registration fee is payable at the time of registering. Please click here to register your team, or on the link below:

Registration - all netball leagues

Registration - all soccer leagues

Registration - all cricket leagues

Registration - individuals (for all leagues)


Registration of Interest for Daytime Netball and Daytime Soccer - click here

Teams cannot receive a game time until the registration and payment is complete.

Teams can be invoiced for the full season in advance, some Businesses like to do this, please let us know via email if you would like to be invoiced.

Game Fee Payments:

  • Changes have been made to satisfy COVID-19 safety procedures as outlined by the Government and relevant health authorisites to limit the amount of interaction.

  • Registration fees are all payable online via Stepney's Spawtz software and Stripe gateway which is quick and easy process. 

  • Team captains are asked to pay the registration fee, as well as set up their login for future online management of their team.  For more info on team management please click here

  • If you already have a login but need your password reset please text 0429 839 318 and provide your team name, and your name. The password will promptly be reset to 'stepney' so you can continue with your login and choose a new password.

  • Team captains are assigned as team account holders once the team registration has been processed as per ICA Sportzworx Stepney's current Terms & Conditions

  • Game fees are automatically debited from the account holders nominated credit card on the day of the game.

  • If for some reason the game fee is not paid prior to the game (i.e. credit card is expired) you will be asked to pay the full game fee when you arrive for your game. The Team captain will also be asked to login and update their details in Spawtz prior to the game starting.

  • The process from here is between the team captain and players to sort out game fee reimbursement:, you can:

    • use an app for split payments

    • transfer via phone banking

    • cash reimbursement

    • players take turns paying for a round of drinks in the bar !

  • Please note the only specific change here since COVID-19 is not the process for making payments, but that the full game fee is payable only and individual player payments will not be accepted. Online payments have always been available as an option to pay game fees.

  • ICA Sportzworx Stepney is a cashless venue.

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