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Payment options for fees and debtors

Log into your Team Account in Spawtz (fees may apply)

Click the login button

Search for your team/login

Your login in is your email address 

Go to My Statement and follow the steps to make your payment(s)

Email us if you need assistance

If you would like us to set you up, please complete this quick & easy form

Call 8362 8808 and pay over the phone (no fees are charged)

Pay in person at the kiosk (no fees are charged)

Debit or Credit Cards only

Our venue is cashless

PayPal (fees may apply)

Use the PayPal app or PayPal Website

Select Send

Email address is

Enter the amount to be paid


Note needs to be your team name or your name

Send now

Bank Transfer (no fees are charged)

Account Name:  Petcraky Pty Ltd

BSB:                    015 010

Account #:          110604366

Reference:          Team name or your name

Invoice (fees may apply)

Email us if you would like an invoice sent to you or your workplace. Invoices are payable within 14 days


Your team will receive regular reminders re debtors owing and it is your responsibility to:

  • Pay the full game fee on the night of your game.

  • Pay off the debtors even a small amount each week.

  • An invoice will be sent to your team prior to the end of each season to pay the balance of your debtors.

If debtors are not paid when due, debt collectors will be engaged. Fees will apply.

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