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Your continued support is greatly appreciated, and we extend a warm welcome to the new kids joining the holiday fun.


Here are a few important procedures and reminders for parents and guardians. Please also have a chat to the kids about these procedures. It is important for everyone to comply with these processes.

  • Reminders

  • please bring a full drink bottle and snacks

  • a labelled backpack 

  • kids need to wear comfortable clothes and sneakers

  • bring a jumper it can be cold before the games start

  • lunch is provided for all kids

  • bring some cash to buy a treat from the kiosk (see below)

  • Your Arrival

    • clinics commence at 9.30am, please do not arrive before 9.15am

    • please use the sanitiser in the foyer​ entrance on arrival

    • please come to the kiosk to sign the kids in

    • kids can place their backpack in the kiosk area, make sure they know where there bag is

    • if your child is unwell, please do not send them into the clinics

  • During the day

    • we have a cashless system HOWEVER, we know the kids like to spend a little bit in the kiosk, so during the school holidays, your kids are welcome to bring in cash for their purchases

    • Eftpos will also be available if they do have access to a card

    • If you are a Loyalty Points Customer, your kids can tell us your name or mobile and we can allocate their purchases to your customer account, then you can earn some points.

    • if you prefer, you can pre pay on eftpos for purchases (for example: pre purchase 1 Gatorade and a lolly bag) when you drop off the kid(s). We will record this information on your registration form or customer account. Please note that if there are any discrepencies, payment may be required at the end of the day. Please ensure kids understand what they are allowed to have and what has been purchased for them.

    • drink bottles cannot be refilled, please ensure the kids have plenty of water or they have the means to be able to purchase water if required.

    • lunch is provided for all kids who attend. 

    • please ask your kids to continue to practice good hygiene, washing hands, covering sneezes and coughs.

    • sanitiser is available court-side as well as in the kiosk

    • we have a contact-less thermometer and if a kid seems to look unwell we will do a temperature check. If it is determined that they are unwell we will call you and they they will need to be picked up immediately.

    • if kids wear bibs for playing sports, please note that these are washed after every use. We ask that kids do not share their bibs with anyone else. Used bibs need to be placed in the available washing basket 

    • game equipment is cleaned after use by our staff

  • Pick up and Exit

    • you MUST sign your kids out - your forms will be available at the kiosk counter

    • kids are not allowed to leave unless signed out​​

  • Loyalty Program

    • Sign up to our loyalty program and receive 100 instant points. click here to sign up online

    • You get to earn and then redeem your freebie $$. Plus there will be promotions for you to earn extra points. We only need your name, mobile and email with your first purchase. Then you can provide your name or mobile when you purchase next time at the bar or kiosk and earn even more points. We will not use your personal details for anything but the loyalty program.

    • if your child knows your details, we can include their purchases on the one loyalty account

    • more information is available here

  • Photos & Videos

    • Please let us know if you have any issues with photos and videos of your kids being used on social media 

    • If anything is used, it will be very generic in terms of a group of kids playing. We are keen to show our social media followers that the school holiday clinics are back!

  • Staff

    • Please respect our staff and their procedures they need to follow

    • Management has a current First Aid Certificate and a Working with Children Check

    • Junior sport coaches over 18 years of age all have a Working with Children Check

  • Cancellations

    • On the odd occasion that there are less than 8 kids registered to attend, the clinic will be cancelled and you will be advised by email or phone. Your full payment for that day will be refunded or you can use it for another day.

    • Cancellation if less than 48 hours notice is provided, a $10 fee is charged per child regardless of the reason.

    • COVID related cancellation if less than 48 hours notice, will incur a $5 administration fee per child.

    • You can allocate a different date to attend instead of cancelling.

    • There are no refunds for non-attendance, the full attendance fee will be charged for that day/number of kids.

    • Cancellation fees are charged to cover catering and administration costs.

If you have any questions, please contact us

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