Last updated 27th November 2020

We are open .... yipee !

Tuesday 1st December 2020 we are allowed to be open again! 


There are a few changes to note:

  • 1 person per 4 sqm, so our capacity numbers change back to:

    • 21 people - entry & kiosk​

    • 35 people - upstairs bar

    • 172 people - SCG & MCG courts

    • 172 people - WACA & Adelaide courts

    • 400 people in total

  • COVID Safe Check-in

    • You will be required to use the QR reader for the COVID safe check-in

    • A QR code will be at the entrance of the arena and everyone who enters must use the QR reader

    • Once we have all details provided to us, we will update you on processes

  • COVID Marshals continue with

    • infection control practices are followed (sanitising, washing hands, cleaning)

    • ensuring people are social distancing and comply with the 1.5 metre rule

    • ensuring density requirements of 1 person per 4 sqm

    • COVID Safe Check-in / QR Reader / paper records comply

    • COVID safe plan and specific protocols are effectively implemented and monitored​​​

  • Remain seated for when drinking alcohol

  • Face masks can be work at your own discretion

    • SA Health recommends that masks are worn where social distancing cannot be avoided.

    • We are indoors, but have plenty of space for people to abide by the social distancing rule 1.5m

    • Obviously, you do not wear masks when playing on the courts.

Please continue to:

  • Wash your hands regularly and use sanitiser

  • Avoid touching your face and eyes

  • Maintain social distancing when you are

    • a spectator

    • waiting for your game to start

    • with our staff

    • waiting to purchase at the bar and kiosk

    • using bathrooms

    • entering and leaving the arena

  • If you are unwell, please do not come in for your game or training or any other activity

  • Play fair, respect all players, umpires and staff

  • Avoid contact as much as possible during your game


We are ensuring we comply with all Government and Health guidelines and protocols and are ensuring our customers and players are comfortable and feel reassured when visiting the arena.

Updates and History:

  • COVID Marshals required from 21st August

  • spectators are allowed and are required to maintain 1.5 m social distancing

  • stay home if you are unwell - this is important. Give us notice and we can get fill-ins for your team

  • arrival and exit procedures are different to provide 'one way traffic' and the details are outlined below

  • we are cashless - only accepting online payments or eftpos at the kiosk and bar *

  • all team registrations are completed and payable online via our Spawtz software by the team captain *

  • game fees are payable in full and by the team captain prior to each game. Once your team is registered via Spawtz, your game fee will be automatically paid via direct debit on the day of your game * 

  • all bookings will continue to be made online (court hire, birthdays, school holiday clinics, OSHC etc.) please call or email to check days/times or you can book direct online

  • change rooms and showers are available

  • water bottles will not be re-filled by staff and we do not allow you to do this via the bathrooms either *

  • if you are unwell, we have a thermometer available for use and you will be asked to leave and follow relevant protocols

  • After your game, the bar is open and 35 people (excluding staff) are able to be upstairs. 

* these procedures are a permanent change. Further details are available in the Terms & Conditions

Arrival & exit procedures for all activities:

  • entry via main doors

  • use the provided hand sanitiser at the entrance

  • you can register your team's attendance by logging in to your team profile

  • 21 people can be in the kiosk (excluding staff) at the one time

  • proceed to the relevant court for your game/activity

  • exit is via the roller doors nearest to your relevant court

  • exit via the Bar !!

  • you are allowed to exit via the front door if there are no people arriving, please wait for it to be cleared

We ask that you respect these procedures and guidelines. Please also respect our staff and Management whilst we all get used to the new processes we all have to follow.

Please respect our staff and your arena:

  • Please abide by the new guidelines, protocols and arrival/exit procedures

  • Use the hand sanitiser available to you at the entrance

  • No water bottles will be re-filled at the kiosk, please purchase or bring extra water with you

  • Do not share water bottles, towels and any other personal items
  • Respect others - please do not panic or judge others if they sneeze or cough
  • Cough/sneeze into your arm/elbow and wash your hands / use hand sanitiser
  • Dispose of your tissues, bottles and rubbish in the bins and recycling bins provided. Our staff do not need to pick up after you!
  • Please wash your hands prior to and after your game/activity


Thank you for your patience. We are excited to have you all back playing indoor sports again.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Facebook:   message us 

SMS:           0413 366 680

Phone:        8362 8808


Our staff and their procedures

  • High contact points such as basins, benches, dispensers, hand dryers, door handles, eftpos machines, buttons are cleaned and sanitised regularly.

  • All our bathrooms are checked often to ensure a steady supply of soap – with good hand hygiene being the simplest yet most effective safety measure we can all undertake.

  • Our kiosk is cleaned frequently throughout the day and evenings.

  • We have always had a stringent approach to food safety and hygiene including the use of gloves, kitchen utensils and hand sanitiser.

  • Increased cleaning of all equipment and surfaces in customer areas.

keep calm & enjoy your sports

respect and treat people the way you expect to be treated
wash your hands :)

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